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Astronomers Spot The Biggest Explosion To Have Been Seen In The Universe

By Frank Ustinov 18 Mar 2020 Top stories,Technology

The astronomers have been using the XMM-Newton by ESA and the Chandra X-ray space of NASA observatories in addition to the radio telescopes which are on ground and have spotted this aftermath of the biggest explosion which has been seen in this Universe. The big outburst had occurred in the galaxy cluster, a large cosmic conglomerate with many thousand galaxies, dark matter and hot gas held together by the gravity lying a few 390 million light years apart. Particularly, the eruption has been linked to the powerful jets which are released by the black hole which is supermassive and sits at the core of the central galaxy of the cluster and feeds actively on the surrounding gas and occasionally blasting the large amounts of the energy and matter off.

The diffusion of the hot gas pervades the cluster has been revealed through the x-ray observations from the XMM-Newton, radio data from Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope and the infrared data form 2MASS survey. The zoomed in X-ray view is based on the Chandra data while the bright dots sprinkle across images which reflect the distribution of galaxies and stars in the foreground.

The emission of the X-Ray reveals edge of the large cavity which is carved in hot gas by black hole jets. This cavity has been filled with the radio emissions which come from the electrons. The electrons have been accelerated to almost the speed which is equivalent to the speed of light. This is likely a result of the feeding activity of the black hole and provides the evidence of an eruption, the size of which is unprecedented had taken place there.

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