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Close To 10,000 People Dead Because Of Flu Outbreak

By James Blunt 13 Feb 2020 Top stories,Health

More than 19 million cases of flu had been diagnosed in United States in this particular season as per the reports on this Friday provided for CDC. Post a dip that had taken place in the early days of the year 2020, the activity of flu has also picked up again and there are no signs that the season has peaked. The activity which was widespread had been reported in a lot of different states apart from Hawaii.

In all, the estimates of CDC has been leading to the hospitalizations of 180,000 people in the season. There are 68 children who have succumbed to die. The season of flu this time too had a difficult start and in what was unprecedented at that time, a different strain had hit the younger people. They said that they are in the peak of the flu season. The symptoms are including generally for chills, fever, sore throat and headache as well as body aches.

In addition, the estimate of CDC has said that there have been 10,000 people who have died due to flu in the season which include a mother of five daughters who were young. There are many who had died because of the complications they had suffered of flu in the last week, one of them was a 34 year old woman. She had been coughing a few times and it was not anything that was thought to be bad but things went bad quickly and she succumbed to the illness.

She was admitted later in the day, she had been hospitalized with the symptoms which are flu-like. She had been developing many complications such as pneumonia.

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