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Coronavirus Impact To Be Huge On Markets, Reports State

By James Blunt 10 Feb 2020 Top stories,Health

It has been made official by the World Health Organization (WHO) that the Coronavirus has been declared as a global health emergency. And all this emergency situation has made it the first of “the new era” of the power competition. This is going to affect the geopolitics and more alarmingly the markets in the globe as well. The impact is already very clear but there is not enough evidence to provide a clear measure of the impact it is going to have on the supply chains globally and in particular in China with the economies and the markets questioning the trust which has been enjoyed by the communist party of China by the people of china and the geopolitics of the region of Asia and the relations of the United States and China where there is already an issue of trust.

Therefore, it is the right time for contemplating the unintended potential consequences which the virus may be having. The virus has been estimated to have originated from the city of Wuhan in China particularly form the wet market of wildlife and already has resulted in over 210 deaths and over 10,000 illnesses confirmed in as many as 19 regions of China and has also reached 20 more countries all over the world. The cases have now included the first transmission from one human to another and an advisory of avoiding travel to any part of China.

Therefore in a week that has been dominated by the action in Europe and United Kingdom as well as the ongoing impeachment trial of President Trump, coronavirus has been dominating all of the reports from all over the world with its impact on the markets and health.

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James Blunt

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