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Coronavirus Victims May Be Many More Than The Actual Figures Show

By James Blunt 11 Feb 2020 Top stories,Health

The progress of coronavirus outbreak in the last month or so has been monitored all across the world and there is one thing that has been giving people a bit of peace?the number of confirmed infections that has remained relatively low. Already, the number of the confirmed infections of viral confirmations has been close to 10,000 in the last month. It is a major number but not very big in the bigger scheme of things. The latest report has been suggesting that the numbers are not revealing the true aspect of the extent of this spread. And this is based on the findings of the researchers which suggest that there are 75,000 people who are actually infected by the disease.

The disease in this week has been declared as a global health emergency by the World Health Organization (WHO), however there is nothing related to lockdowns and travel bans which has been suggested. China has already been putting its own lockdowns to effect and has also been taking steps to build more medical facilities for handling the patients who are infected.

The scientists have estimated this on a number of factors. Those factors include the observation of the virus spreading faster and the time that it is taking in transmitting between people and also when the symptoms are eventually beginning to show. The idea in all of this has been that the disease is extremely dangerous as it is transmittable and China has a huge population and it is difficult to estimate exactly how many people have been infected. There are further claims that the outbreak may appear in a lot of the other cities which have a larger population.

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