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Data From TESS Helping In Determining Stars And Planets

By Frank Ustinov 17 Feb 2020 Top stories,Technology

For studying the planets, there is a need for the studying of stars and there is then an analysis of what is seen. The astrophysicists have been doing that exactly with the data which they have been gathering from the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite or TESS from NASA. This spacecraft has been spending a year and a half gazing at the nearby, bright stars and looking for any blip in their brightness which may reveal the things about the alien worlds. However, the dips might also be representing a lot of different stellar hiccups which also means that the data from TESS has also been treasured by the scientists who want to figure out how the stars are working.

The astronomers have said that the TESS for very long has been known secretly for the stellar activity as well as the mission of variability. The data from TESS has been taking the form of the light curves as well as lines which track individually the brightness of stars for a period of time. A star which is extremely quiet and has no transiting planet is more or less going to look like a flat line and the activity of the star determines the planets it transits too. The more the activity the more it is transiting to the planets which block their light and jag the light curve.

A few of the cool and wiggly things are present as per the astronomers and some of them are the individual stars and there are many features which may cause the light curves to be acting up. The Flares are extremely unpredictable too.

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