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Discovery Of Many Pluto-Like Dwarf Planets, Latest Report

By Frank Ustinov 18 Feb 2020 Top stories,Technology

Deep into the outer solar system, a lot of miles away from the surface of Earth, there is a realm of the icy, small worlds which are known as the dwarf planets. The astronomers are aware of very little regarding the distant and dim objects however in terms of features from the oceans to the mountains to the canyons and volcanoes along with dunes.

A lot of what the astronomers have been aware about the dwarf planets is coming from the New Horizons spacecraft from NASA. Pluto had thrilled the scientists which the mountain ranges which it had and were towering and full of ice. It is complex and leaves the astronomers a lot more to seek for as it has a lot of diversity and is a region which is in the shape of donuts beyond donut and is full of space rocks made of ice both small and large. As of now, the experts have been recognizing only five dwarf planets one of which is Pluto however they have been finding a lot of candidates every year.

A dwarf planet as per the experts is a world which orbits the sun and is big enough for the gravity which it has to be able to make the round however it may orbit in the zone which has a lot more objects in them while the planets like the Earth have been hit occasionally by the space rocks as they have been largely sweeping the debris out of the orbits. As a contrast, the dwarf planets such as Ceres orbit around the asteroid belts. The weirdest among the worlds which are sitting far from the sun like Kuiper Belt has been sharing many properties with Pluto.

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