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Europe Votes In Favor Of Common Charger For All Devices

By Frank Ustinov 12 Feb 2020 Top stories,Technology

As of now, each time a new device is bought, whether it is a smartphone, smartwatch or an e-reader, it comes with a charging cable. There are many thousands of charging cables in the old drawers of every person here but still there are new charging cables coming with every new phone. Europe is trying to set a new standard for the industry of the tech industry. It has imagined the world where the customer is not going to buy a charger as their old charger isn’t compatible with the newer device.

Parliament of Europe has been voting by 582-40 in favor of the resolution urging the lawmakers for setting the standards for the charging cables. This resolution has been saying that the continued fragmentation had been marketing for the chargers of the mobile phones as well as the medium and small sized devices have translated into the increase in the consumer frustration and the e-waste.

For resolutions of becoming a law, the commission of Europe is going to have to draft the law and vote for it in the month of July. However the idea of the adopting of charging cables have been becoming overwhelming in the support for Europe as per the evidence of the 582-40 in terms of vote. A few of the exceptions is going to be the lighting cable of Apple, USB-C as well as the micro-USB. The big majority of the industry is using the micro-USB as well as the slowly useful USB-C. They believe that the regulation has been forcing a conformity in the type of the connector which is being built in all of the smartphones.

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