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Football Seeing An Advancement Of Technology, Reports

By Frank Ustinov 10 Feb 2020 Top stories,Technology

Although football is something that means an absolutely different sport in the United States and the fans everywhere are taking the term very seriously. On this Sunday, the fever of football is going to reach the peak when the Super Bowl is going to be high-tech surprisingly. NFL has been investing in many technologies and the stats of football are not like they were earlier as there are a lot of modern devices which have come in to football

This is interesting as sports from its core is not something that needs a lot of technology, this sport in particular doesn’t need much at all. However, there has been seen a long arc of technology in terms of cameras, scoreboards, replays and the gear evolving. However in the previous few year, data collection has been rising. This has been driven by the tags of RFID in the shoulder pads of the players. These are not the RFID chips which are in the credit card. These are the devices long range and in the stadiums, the computers may be able to track the position, speed as well as acceleration in addition to the host of the other stats.

The company which is behind technology in Zebra, and the solutions of RFID for a lot of different industries. Firstly, this is something which might be looking like a gimmick but it is something that the people who watch the sports have been obsessed about and there are scouts and coaches in addition to the trainers using this data for the data for assessment which is going to help them in improving their plans as well as performance.

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