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Google Issues Alert About A Google Takeout Bug, Reports

By Julie Newmar 14 Feb 2020 Top stories,Business

Google has been alerting a few of the users of the service of Google Photos that they have had their videos which belonged privately to the users sent to the strangers by the company which is a giant in the field of search. The Takeout Service from Google that allows people to download the data said that they were affected by a particular technical issue between the 21st of November and the 25th of November in the previous year. It has resulted in a smaller number of users who are receiving the private videos which did not belong to them.

The email which had nonchalantly alerted the users from Google has not provided any of the details on the number of people who had been affected nor the number of videos which had been distributed in an incorrect manner per every account. Google had fixed this issue after only five days and it has been reported that the users who had used Takeout were the only ones who were affected. There are more than 1 billion users of the Takeout therefore even a smaller percentage in absolute terms is going to be significant. Google has issued an apology for any of the inconvenience which might have been caused.

They said that they have notified the people about a particular bug which might have affected the users who had used the Takeout for exporting the content of Google Photos between the 21st and 25th of November as per an explanation from a spokesperson of Google in a statement made to a media house. The users might have either received an archive which was incomplete or the videos not photos which had not been their photos.

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