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Greening May Be Cooling The Earth Down, Researchers State

By Lili Elbe 10 Feb 2020 Top stories,Science

A researcher from the Boston University, Chi Chen and another professor known as Ranga Myneni have released a new paper on how the humans have been helping the earth increase their plants and trees for absorbing the carbon in the atmosphere and cooling the planet. There is a boom of vegetation and this has been fueled by the greenhouse emission of gas and this might be skewing the perception of how fast the planet is being warmed.

Having taken a deeper look into the scientific studies, and the data from the land monitoring satellites, the environmental and climate models along with the field observations. A team of the researchers and collaborators have made a study on the causes of how the increase in vegetation globally has been cooling the planet and this effect is known as greening.

In their new study, the researchers have reported that the altering of carbon emissions and the land use which is intensive have greened almost half of the vegetated lands of the Earth. And though, it is sounding like this might be something good, the rise in the phenomenal amount of greening and the rate of global warming and rise of sea level and decline in sea ice has been presenting a lot of credible evidence that the activity is actually impacting the climate of the earth.

The researchers have said that the greening converts sunlight into sugar while it replaces the air’s carbon dioxide with water vapor thereby cooling the surface of the earth. The reasons for this greening are different as for some it is farming and some it is the planting of trees on a larger scale.

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