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Huawei Available In The Markets Of Europe As Well

By Julie Newmar 18 Mar 2020 Top stories,Business

Huawei does not have the luxury of relying on what the group of Google once offered with the apps and the services for the users of smartphones. The manufacturing giant from China has been trying to do everything it can for curbing the effect of the ban in United States. It has recently partnered with the Squid for the providing of news for the Huawei smartphones which are without the GMS. The app of news has been available for the Android for a longer time. However, in the last few years, this hasn’t exactly been very popular. Now the music streaming service of Huawei is available in Europe now.

Post presentation of their own video service, the music service of Huawei has now been made available on the HMS. The Huawei Music has announced since 2018 for Europe and has now been active. This is making Huawei one more piece which is more independent from the other providers. It may thus continue to be offering the music streaming service in spite of the ban of United States.

This app has been made available in AppGallery. The app actually comes with the Honor and Huawei devices, all that the user needs to do is open the music app. The installations and use on the devices of Android from the other manufacturers are also possible. The users are only in the need for downloading the app from its official homepage. If the users are not interested in the offer and can also be hidden in the settings as usual and only play the local files of music. The Huawei Music has been strongly oriented towards competition.

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