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NASA To Shut The Spitzer Space Telescope, New Report

By Frank Ustinov 13 Feb 2020 Top stories,Technology

The Spitzer Space Telescope from NASA had been launched in the month of August in 2003 and was only going to last for 2.5 years however it has managed to last for 17 years incredibly. On the 30th of January, NASA is going to shut the telescope down and end this particular mission, wrapping close to two decades of work up by orbiting in the observatory. Among the greatest contributions of the Spitzer’s was the discoveries it had made about the exoplanets or the worlds which are beyond the solar system which we live in. Though this was not the primary task of the telescope, it has made a lot of incredible findings.

The Spitzer had been equipped with the infrared vision and a very accurate way of targeting the stars as both of them had allowed the telescope to see a planet closely and learn about the weather on that planet. These capabilities had allowed the Spitzer to map the roaring winds which circle an exoplanet in the year 2007, as per the officials of NASA. This research has showed that the Spitzer may be repurposed for many interesting science related to exoplanets even with the field getting only started with the launch of Spitzer. This is because at the time of its original design in the 90s, the exoplanets had not been discovered at all.  

The research currently has suggested that the three of five planets which had been discovered might even habitable. This is because they are orbiting in an area which the star has is enough for heating the ice into water on their surface as per the research done as of now.

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