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Pakistan Struggling To See Free Internet For Women

By Frank Ustinov 16 Feb 2020 Top stories,Technology

In internet access’ early days, a woman in her youth could sit at her family computer. She could connect to the world and could connect to anyone. The time of excitement seems to be dying down as soon as it began. The woman is spied on by her brother who is her self-proclaimed guardian and has been enraged by her digital engagement and he tortures her. The computer is dismissed and her access to the internet is not there anymore.

Pakistan has been dealing with this phenomenon a lot where internet has been the main focus of the female control as of today. In a compelling new book, this has been highlighted by a writer known as Sanam Maher. The book is casting light on the first social media celeb of Pakistan, a woman who was known as Qandeel Baloch who lost her life as she was sedated and killed by her brother in order to protect the honor of the family.

The murder of Baloch had taken place in the year 2016 when she was only 26 years of age had been covered all over the world. The woman had been infamous for posting pictures which were considered to be inappropriate in the country had become sensational especially for a woman. She was determined to get attention and taken to whatever it had taken for being accepted if not relished even if she was insulted. The book has also highlighted how the increase in technology and internet in the country has been turning a blind eye to the development of women in the country and the freedom of women in the times of internet.

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