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Porsche Taycan Details Not Completely Revealed About All-EVs Plans

By Julie Newmar 20 Mar 2020 Top stories,Business

Porsche Taycan has been referring to the first all-electric vehicle of the automaker as it has signaled a new direction for companies. This is the first of the several new electric vehicles fully for coming from the automaker in Germany, spearheading the electrification efforts of Porsche. Taycan is not the endgame of Porsche but its first salvo instead. The automaker has been keeping cagey about what is next for the model Taycan. In their new video, Porsche has been hinting at what is next.

The senior official of Taycan, Dr. Stefan Weckbach has said that the company has many good ideas for the future of Taycan. They said that they do have a lot more arrows in their quiver for the expansion of the Taycan story. He was also quick to add that it is way too early for talking about what the plans may be. It has been the same response in a measured manner for last few months. Back in the month of February, the manager of Porsche has said that the Strategy and Battery Electric Vehicle has been exercising similar kind of restraint.

He is not going to discuss anything about what is going to happen in the future and more than what is already known about the development pipe. They have spied the camouflaged the Porsche Taycan out in the wild. The rumors have been beginning to be swirling about the next generation possibly being to be available with the electric powertrain which is being available. Although, the specifics about when powertrain is going to be arriving and they have been coexisting with the internal combustion engines will be remaining unknown.

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