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QGP Phase Given Rise In First 10 Microseconds Of Universe

By Frank Ustinov 16 Feb 2020 Top stories,Technology

There is a belief among the physicists that the first ten microseconds of the Universe had freed gluons and quarks and filled all of the space time giving rise to a new phase known as the QGP or Quark Gluon Plasma. The theoretical and experimental work at the CERN had been very instrumental in discovering this primordial matter’s hot soup that has been recreated in the world today in the lab experiments which were accelerator based. For discovering the QGP in these kind of experiments, the observation of the quarks which are strange is essential.

 If there is a creation of the QGP, strangeness has readily been produced through the collisions in gluons. In the analysis which has been published, Dr. Johann Rafelski has presented how the understanding of the characteristic related strangeness has signature the evolution over the long career which he has had. Using a personal diary style, he had first reviewed and summarized his decades of research and described the leading theoretical and experimental contributions of how and why the strange quarks have been produced with such efficiency in the matter’s primordial phase and had been existent at a temperature and pressures which were unimaginably high.

He had then followed this line of experiments to the experiments of the collisions between the lighter proton and heavy nucleus known as LHC from CERN. He then follows this narrative with a set which had comments from his own works which were not published and focused on the pioneering of QGP discovery and theories as both had offered praise and criticism for the studies along with the perspectives which he has in the present day.

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