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Reasons For Getting Tested Explained To The Ones To Be Tested

By James Blunt 20 Mar 2020 Top stories

There are two major reasons why someone would be tested for the coronavirus and the two reasons are having symptoms or being exposed to an infected person. The main symptom of the coronavirus was that the disease may be the shortness of breath, dry cough and fever. These are symptoms which look a lot like the flu or even the common cold so it takes the testing to determine if the virus is there or not and it confuses the victims too on whether they should be getting tested.

The centers had initially recommended only to the ones who had symptoms and also to the ones who had been exposed to virus. However to the surprise of the officials of public health, many of these people in United States had no real exposure. The development had suggested that virus had been transmitted in local areas which means that it was spreading from the person to person and people might have been transmitting this virus without getting any serious symptom.

In the response to this, the 4th of March reflects the CDC had changed their recommendations for allowing anyone with the Coronavirus systems as long as the doctor approved request. Since the number of the tests available has bene limited, the CDC has been encouraging the physicians for the minimizing of the unnecessary testing and considering the exposure risks of the patient prior to the ordering of tests. There are no specific treatments which are available for the coronavirus however this does not mean that the testing has no point. The testing has been done so that the person may be quarantined and spread can be avoided. 

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