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Scientists Have Surprised Themselves With Their Discoveries

By Lili Elbe 26 Mar 2020 Top stories,Science

Scientists have managed to surprise themselves when they are finding themselves over the 100 minor planets on the edge of the solar system. The experts have worked with the data which has been collected in the Dark Energy Survey for the successful identification of the 316 minor planets and of them 139 had been unknown as of now.

These discoveries had been made using the newer techniques for the analyzing the old data. Dark Energy Survey had actually been running in between the month of August in 2013 and the month of January in the year 2019. The aim was for mapping the dark energy in southern skies however it has provided a lot more data than had been realized initially.

Expansion of this universe has been thought to be influenced by the dark energy so this survey is aiming for the looking of things like the clusters of galaxy and the supernovae for trying and calculating how fast this expansion has been happening. The precision and depth of this survey has been proving to be useful for the detection of the minor planets.

The minor planets include the things such as dwarf planets and asteroids. The scientists have now claimed that there are many of these beyond the planet Neptune which is the farthest from the Sun. They have not been spotted till now as the TNOs are very small. The region in which they lie is also very dark and also very far away. Seven of the newly discovered ones are being referred to as being the extreme ones as they were able to be the most distant objects which had ever been seen.

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