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Second Edition Phone From Pablo Escobar’s Brother To Be Competition For Samsung

By Julie Newmar 17 Feb 2020 Top stories,Business

A new second edition of the foldable smartphone with the name of Pablo Escobar has come out after the first phone named Pablo Escobar Fold 1 had come out a few years ago.

Like the first one, the second edition is very cheap and has been priced at $400 and has been conceived by the brother of the drug lord, Roberto De Jesus Escobar. However, the first one had been made in a competition of Apple, the second one has been described very explicitly on their website as the phone which is the real Samsung killer and the tagline says Pablo always wins.

As per this press release, the phone has been designed in the United States and has been assembled in the city of Hong Kong and its parts have been coming from the city of Shenzhen in China. Though looking at the renders it has been done with a purpose of outlasting the last year’s Galaxy Fold from Samsung with the branded gold paint of Pablo Escobar and logo on it. It is also notable that both of the devices are similar in appearance. Both have the Android 10 and also a snapdragon processor 855 and the battery life is also the same.

There are also a few little differences, the phone has 2 cameras and the Samsung one has six. The Escobar Fold is very cheap and does not even cost $2,000. The version which is 512GB costs only $550. The press release has said that their goal was to become the kingpin of the devices in the year. All of the factories have a lot of technology laying around as there is no one buying anything from the secondary factories.

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