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This Planet Pours Very Hot Iron Rains And Its True

By Frank Ustinov 17 Mar 2020 Top stories,Technology

On one of the particularly hot planets, many light years apart from the earth, there is a forecast that is cloudy with the chance of there being liquid iron rain. The scientists have discovered recently a bizarre exoplanet which has been referred to as being among the most extreme which has been observed with them. The VLT or the very large telescope have been using at the European Southern Observatory researchers have been observing an ultra-hot giant of the exoplanet where the temperatures have been exceeding the levels of 2,400 degrees of Celsius in the day and it is hot enough for vaporizing the metals.

One of the faces of this planet, the day side has always been facing their parent star and roasting permanently while the cooler side or the night side is remaining in a lot of darkness. It is due to this that when the stronger winds push the vaporized iron into the darker side, it is condensed into the droplets where they create the iron rainstorm. On this day side, the planet has been receiving the thousands of times of a lot more radiation from the parent star than the earth is going to do from its sun.

The most extreme heat is causing the intense winds that they bring the iron vapor from a side to the other where the temperature is closing in to the 1,500 degrees. One might say that the planet is getting rainy but it is raining iron say the professors who have been researching on it. The study has come up with the exotic planet called the WASP-76b which had been published in the week.

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